Engage, Convert &
Grow More B2B-Customers

We automate the search for new B2B-customers and free up salespeople's time for real sales work


Prospecting B2B-Customers Made Easy

Send highly targeted and personalized emails and follow-up smart with AI-boosted actions

Core Advantages

Professional sales consultants create for you the best sales strategies and the necessary dripping campaigns, to help you prospecting and find more and more new customers


With Prospectika ® Export  database have 20000+ validated contacts of distributors, importers and wholesalers all over the world


Just pick your group of contacts and start prospecting smart, intelligent and automatic

Why Choose Us?

Here's What Makes Our Prospecting Methods So Effective

Professional sales consultants next to you in every step

Our professional team of sales consultants will prepare for you the most effective  communication with the prospects. You will receive inquiries as early as next week.


Powerful statistics

You can keep track of when and where your emails are opened, with what technology and how many times. You will see which links are clicked and you will be able to set up your own artificial intelligence to make even better campaigns and deeper detailed prospecting.

Flexible segmentation

You can segment contacts by different criteria and qualify them until you receive an inquiry. You can include artificial intelligence to segment or do it according to your own criteria. You can add your own contacts or use our constantly expanding database.


995/3 months
  • Smart CRM with marketing automation
  • Sales copywriting & Effective drip campaigns full support
  • Analysis of statistics full support
  • AI configuration full support
  • Smart Page Builder / Landing pages
  • Host & Domain *
  • ★ ★ ★
  • * You can add Host service with personal domain and 15GB disk space for only 9€/month
Prospectika ® recommended BIG data
from € 209
  • Prospectika ® Export database
  • 20000+ food importers contacts
  • 30000+ wine and spirit importers contacts
  • to find distributors, wholesalers and importers

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