A professional sales specialist will help you with all inquiries to achieve real sales 

The successful salesman manages to turn 40% of the opportunities into real sales. The average seller converts below 20%. But with the help of our sales specialists, you will succeed in over 60% of all inquiries.

We have built algorithms for each sales situation so that we achieve the highest results . 

Excellently trained sales specialists with long experience and numerous sales behind them will help you make the most of inquiries. They will help you to correspondence with your potential customers. They will help to negotiate every condition to make the most profit. If you do not have well-trained sales representatives, our specialists are the perfect alternative. If you have suitable salespeople, our specialists will support them to achieve their best results.

Deep understanding of B2B prospecting

We understand exactly how the business customer makes decisions, so we go through each step to achieve sales

Maximum conversion rate

We achieve 60% conversion of all inquiries. Because we take care to charge your business with the maximum number of opportunities, we achieve huge levels of ROI


We meet every day with different B2B customers and convince them to buy a variety of goods and services. We know exactly what works or not and so we speed up the sales

Profit focus

Our goal is to sell for you with optimal profit. That is why our negotiating experts are always on the line


PROSPECTIKA® EXPORT Assistant29.99€ 19.99€ / inquiry

A professional sales assistant will support you to achieve real sales 

  • Advanced AI configuration

  • Support in managing the correspondence

  • Support in negotiation

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